The process of having your roof system replaced via an insurance claim can be complicated.  The team at IKECO Roofing & Exteriors prides itself on assisting homeowners and business owners navigate the insurance process.

Step 1 – Inspection / Identifying if your roof has encountered damage.  Damage can occur in multiple ways.  The most common damage we find in Update South Carolina and Western North Carolina is hail, wind, and trees.  Many times, this type of damage is not immediately visible from the ground.

Step 2 – File a claim with insurance carriers.  Often this is as simple as calling your agent or claim line with your insurance carrier.

Step 3 – Insurance adjustment.  This is where the insurance claims process can get tricky.  The insurance carrier will send an adjuster to your property to evaluate the damages incurred.  The team at IKECO Roofing & Exteriors will discuss building code requirements with an adjuster to ensure proper compensation is conveyed to the property owner by the insurance carrier for a proper roof replacement that meets building code requirements and the roof material manufacturer specifications.

Step 4 – Roof Installation.  Once the insurance adjustment has been finalized it is time to build.  This is the best part of our job; we enjoy build day.  The day starts early and ends late.  Our crews work long hours to minimize the days your home/business experience disruptions.

Step 5 – Final invoicing to the insurance carrier to release all funds associated with the claim.  Typically, insurance carriers will hold a portion of the money associated with your insurance claim until the work is completed and a final invoice has been submitted.  This is to protect the carrier and mortgage company involved and is not unusual to encounter.