In preparation for winter, any loose debris must be removed from your roof.  This can include leaves/pine needles that are sitting in a valley or behind a chimney.  Leaves and pine needles can create ice dams during snow events that can lead to water intrusion in the attic and living space of your home or business.

Another maintenance task to not overlook is ensuring your gutters are clean and operating properly.  Clogged gutters cause water to back up under shingle and rot roof decking.  This can go unnoticed because the leak will present itself in the soffit and not in the living space of the home or business.  On numerous occasions during the re-roof process, we have found rotten rafters/fascia/decking as a result of improper gutter maintenance.  In Asheville and surrounding areas of western North Carolina, we have a large amount of tree foliage that can be detrimental to your home or business if routine maintenance is not performed.

Ensure caulking around roof penetrations are sealed and ready to withstand the freeze/thaw cycles of the winter season.  This can include but is not limited to pipe flashing and chimney flashing.

Lastly, do not nail any Christmas decorations to the surface of your roof.  Adding holes to your roof will lead to leaks and issues.  Also, do not use heavy items such as concrete blocks to hold items on your roof.  Heavy items can cause unnecessary wear and tear and can lead to premature failure of the roof system.